"Mixed Race Irish Families in Britain

1700 to 2000"

This exhibition was a collaboration between the Mixed Museum and AMRI, funded by the Mixed Museum and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs' Emigrant Support Programme. It was launched in  July 2020 by Dr Chamion Caballero Director of the Museum and Conrad Bryan of AMRI who both worked on this research project over a six month period to put this Exhibition together.

The aim of this exhibition is to enlighten and to highlight the hidden stories of mixed race people in Britain who have mixed Irish backgrounds. It also reveals many of those who travelled between Ireland and Britain back as far as the 18th Century.  

The exhibition can be viewed here: 

Here are some newspaper articles on the Exhibition which was very well received:

The above project was funded by the  ' Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme' and the Mixed Museum.

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