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The Pursuit of Justice: International Human rights Law and Children of African Irish Descent

by Conrad Bryan

16  May 2023

On 8 May 2023 Conrad Bryan gave a talk at a symposium held in Ghent University in Belgium. The symposium was held by the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic at the university and participants included human rights academics and lawyers. The topic covered the experiences of the Metis (mixed race) in Belgium who were taken from Belgium colonial territories in Africa and placed in institutions or foster/families in Belgium.  The symposium paper will be published shortly

Palestine V Israel and the Collective Obligation to Condemn Apartheid Under Article 3 of ICERD

By Dr David Keane

10 May 2023

In his article Dr David Keane, member of our Irish Racial Justice Forum,  considers article 3 in the context of the Palestinian State. The paper is available here:

Alternative Perspectives: Ireland’s Centenaries.

Lecture on January 1922 Irish Race Congress, January 1922 Publication of Ulysses and some Interesting Research on black people in Ireland

By Dr Phil Mullen 

5 February 2022

A State Apology

Belgium apologised to mixed race people in 2019

by Conrad Bryan

4 April 2021


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