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Counselling supports in Ireland and the UK

The recent news in the media about Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland has resulted in an increase in calls to counselling services for support, in both Ireland and the UK.

The Irish government has issued a statement on 30 October stating that ' for any former residents of Mother and Baby Homes seeking counselling support the HSE National Counselling Service (NCS) is available to provide a counselling service'. See details below.

If you are resident in the UK there are also supportservices available, see below.

Counselling supports in Ireland :-

For any former residents of Mother and Baby Homes seeking counselling support, the HSE National Counselling Service (NCS) is available to provide a counselling service from Monday to Friday between 9.30 and 5pm.

The National Counselling Service has 20 years of experience in providing counselling and psychotherapy to a wide range of clients including those who have experienced psychological difficulties due to time spent in institutions.  It employs qualified, accredited and experienced Counsellor/Therapists and its services are available free of charge across the country. The service aims to support clients to improve their quality of life and reduce their psychological distress through the provision of evidence based, professional, client centred counselling.

Access to the National Counselling Service for former residents may be made by direct self-referral. You can do this by referring yourself to the service that is nearest to you. Written referral can also be made by health care professionals such as GPs.

Details of the National Counselling Service and contact details for each area are listed below. 

Outside of office hours: Connect Counselling provides telephone support.  This service is available between 6pm and 10pm Wednesday through to Sunday on 1800 477 477. To support survivors following completion of the report, it will also be available November 2nd-4th (inclusive).

A new webpage with information specifically for former residents of Mother and Baby Homes has been set up at:

Additional mental health supports provided/funded by the HSE are also available to former residents. Details of these supports are available on

Counselling supports in the UK :-

In the UK Health and Wellbeing services are available and shown on  the charity  'Irish In Britain's website here:

Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy service (ICAP)

ICAP run a counselling and psychotherapy service for survivors of institutional abuse which is available to survivors living in Britain. It is funded by the Health Service Executive (HSE), Ireland and is provided free of charge. ICAP have many years of experience in providing psychotherapy for adult survivors of institutional abuse and their families and can be contacted on 0207 272 7906 or email

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